Are Bail Bondsman Officers Of The Court

The world of bail bonds is a misunderstood one.  Shows like Dog the Bounty Hunter glamourize the world of bail bonds and bounty hunting.  They make it look like an episode of the Amazing Race where you need to travel across the country in search of fugitives and bring them back to jail at all costs.  This is not really the case, however, there is truth in fiction.

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When we look into bailbonds Vista we are entering into a world of those who have broken the law and have been given the opportunity to come back into society where they are awaiting trial.  This is done to help keep the jails from overcrowding and to keep the lesser offenders from clogging up the system.

To do this you will need to contact a bondsman.  This can be done by looking for a company like Acme Bail Bonds and discussing your specific case.  After learning about your case and reviewing the bond they will decide if they wish to pay it for you or walk away from it all together. 

If they accept the case, you will need to pay at least ten percent of the bond.  This will be the bondsman profit for posting the rest of the bond to the court.  If you fail to show up to court the bond will be revoked and the bondsman will need to pay the court the full amount.  This is something that they don’t want to do so they will send out a bondsman or bounty hunter to arrest you.

The bondsman is not a member of the court, but they are an independent contracting company that works with the court.  If you are in need of a bondsman, you will want to follow all the laws and rules that they give you.  Failure to do so can result in your bond being revoked and your ability to get future bonds if needed very difficult to impossible.