Janitorial Work Goes Further Than Just Mopping

Mopping the floors, sweeping the floors, not quite the same things, but it’s the principles that matter. Floors need to be cleaned pretty much on a daily basis, now more so than ever before as it turns out. What a dirty, grubby floor leaves behind is nobody’s business. It could even bring disease. It certainly does bring accident and injury. And it brings the infamous civil lawsuit. It is the mission of the janitorial services atlanta ga team to make sure that as many floors as possible are clean, spotless and gleaming, day in and day out.

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But at the same time, this is a professional team that goes beyond just mopping, dusting and sweeping floors and walls. There are other factors out there that affect the general hygiene of any commercial, retail, domestic, educational, public administration, and especially, health environment. Aged buildings need not reach a state of disrepair just so long as the janitorial team is able to provide it with its maintenance. If the risk management profile is good, basic maintenance work could be sufficient.

This should mean being able to attend to re-painting walls, retiling sanitised environments and even attending to leaks. The janitor’s job profile should be clear enough and clearly understood. This helps the commercial customer make a discerning choice in terms of what contract suits his work environment and budget best. But there is always a price to pay for going in at the cheapest rate. You know what they say;

Beware of cheap imitations. Take the kitchen sink leak, for instance. It could be a little complex and if the janitor has only been contracted to look and work at the surface, a lot more damage and expense could occur down the line.